Tamás Fuchs
/alias: Fuchs G. Tamás/

If you didn't turn up here through my website, I would like to recommend it to show you who am I nowadays:


1979-82 Budapest Public Transportation Company (BKV) /design engineer/ Participating in the technological innovation of the Company, renovation of vehicles, coordinating and controlling investment projects.

1982- Fővinform BKV /deputy director, one of the founders/ Beyond the tasks of the deputy director from 2003 I worked on the vizualization of traffic information in the medias and on the internet. Attaining the necessary knowlegdes of related softwares.  Recent and continous presency and participation in traffic programs in medias.

1985-2000 Compexpo  /co-owner, one of the founders/ Organization of exhibitions and other programs, thypographie, fragmentation, newspaper ads, graphic works.

Organized programs:
  • Software '86, '87, '88
  • Compfair (BNV)
  • Criminalexpo
  • Enterieur Design (Műcsarnok)
  • Bayer pharmaceutical factory: opening ceremony in Hungary
  • Bodybuilder performances
  • Budapest-Bécs world exhibition '89 (cancelled)

    1985 Patent: truss - exhibition surface

    1983- Serwise Studio /head of company, owner, founder/  Working mainly for pharmaceutical companies; issues, brossures, flyers, elements of facade. In accordance with the wish of the costumers we design logos, covers, making thyporgapie, illustration and ads.

    Graphic cooperation with pharmaceutical companies, among others:
    • Bayer, Janssen, Astra Zeneca, Asta Medica, Merck, Egis, BMS, Johnson & Johnson
    Brochures, publications for example:
    • Diabetologia Hungarica (medical magazine)/ Bayer
    • Jenő Alföldy - Literary glossary (initials, cover planning)
    •  A.J. Cronin - In front of the life
    • György Melis (Gábor Winkler) - A life on the opera stage, Portrait about György Melis
    • Éva Fahidi - Anima Rerum/The soul of the things
    • István Csukás -Adventures in Letterworld
    • Hungarian folktales - The diamond penny of the cockerel


      • OTP CREATIV SHOPWINDOW COMPETITION / Festivalcenter of Budapest Nonprofit Ltd.
      • BPIX 2010 COMPETITION/ BPIX Digital Creative Center
      • MEGAPIXEL 2010 COMPETITION / Hungarian Electographical Society
      • THE  VIGADO OF BUDA WITH THE VIEW OF AN ARTIST/ The Hungarian Cultural Institute and Fine Lectorate, Department of Arts Programs
      • ART TAKES MIAMI 2010 / Artists Wanted, SCOPE Art Show and 3rd Ward
      • EMERGING ARTIST 2011 (N.Y.) / SlowArt Production
      • Creative Scholarship Program New York-ban / International Visegrad Fund
      • SUMMER OPEN CALL SOLO SHOW in NY and Taipei / 3rd Ward
      • PERNOD 1805 / Pernod Absinthe
      • Hungarian beauty / Cékl’art 
      • Hommage á Miklós Radnóti / Competition for the 2012-13 year’s solo- and group ehibitions, Club Gallery of Újlipótváros
      • ISCP 2011 - New York / ACAX | International Office for Contemporary Art
      • BoH Art art competition 2011 / BoH Art Project
      • THEATER LOGO COMPETITION / Katona József Színház (Budapest)
      • EXHIBITION 12+1  / Symbol, F-lux
      • AMATEUR ARTIUM, Arts Lovers/ State Pest Institute of Public Education, Imre Madách Cultural Center, Hungarian Cultural Institute and Fine Lectorate
      • DEPTH OF MEANING / Caladan Gallery (USA, Cambridge)
      • The 12th Fine Arts International / ArtJury
      • The Decorative Arts International ArtJury
      • BEST OF THE YEAR 2011 / Marziart International Gallery (Hamburg)
      • 2nd SEMIANNUAL COMPETITION / Dave Bown Project
      • ART TAKES LONDON / Artists Wanted, SCOPE Art Show and 3rd Ward
      • SURREAL VISIONS / SlowArt Productions & Limner Gallery
      • SHOW OF HEADS / SlowArt Productions & Limner Gallery
      • OPEN art exhibition / Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
      • ABSTRACT art exhibition / Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery
      • 6th INTERNATIONAL ART PRIZE / Arte Laguna (Venezia)
      • GLOBAL MATRIX III International Print Exhibition / Purdue University Galleries (USA)
      • INTERNATIONAL JURIED COMPETITION 2011 / LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art)
      • SIMPLY THE BEST / Digital Art California
      • SNAP TO GRID / LACDA (Los Angeles Center for Digital Art)
      • NATURES EXPRESSIONS / EWW (Exhibition Without Walls)
      • ART FEST V. / Theater of Elizabeth-park (Budapest)
      • 14th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media Juried Online Art Exhibition / Upstream People Gallery
      • 4th Semiannual Competition / dave bown project
      • Anything goes / EWW (Exhibition Without Walls)
      • 2nd Annual Animals Art Competition / Light Space & Time Gallery 


        • BPIX Digital Creative Center „The prince of wands” / 2010 October
        • Club Gallery of Újlipótváros „Bird’s eye view feminity” group exhibition with Nikolett Dárday glass-artist / 2011 March
        • the shop of Ermenegildo Zegna (Andrássy street) „Applied modern alchemy” / 2011 June
        • Vienna: Kaláka-Club „Timeless Glory” / 2011 December
        • Los Angeles Center for Digital Art (lacda) „Snap to grid” / 2011 December
        • Attila József  Cultural Center of Angyalföld "Circus is the whole world" / 2012 February
        • Theater of Elizabeth-park, Budapest "Art Fest V." / 2012 April
        • Kempinski Hotel Budapest „Egis conference” / 2012 September
        • Theater of Elizabeth-park, Budapest "Holiday upside down" / 2013 February
        • Péter Veres High School „Hats off” / 2013 February
        Online exhibitions:
        • artjury.com/GalleryA.html / The Decorative Arts International online exhibition / 2011 since February
        • artjury.com/GalleryB.html / The 12th Fine Arts International online exhibition / 2011 since August
        • caladangallery.com / Depth of Meaning online exhibition / 2011 Summer
        • projekt30.com / 2011 since July
        • graphiccompetitions.com/jump.php?contest=simply-the-best-international-competition / Simply the best online exhibition / 2011 November
        • 2012 June - www.upstreampeoplegallery.com  / 14th Annual Collage, Digital & Mixed Media Juried Online International Art Exhibition


        • 1960-63 Újvidék tér Primary School (Bp.)
        • 1964-66 Deák tér Primary School (Sopron)
        • 1967 Bakáts téri Primary School (Bp.)
        • 1968-72 Attila József  Highschool (Bp.)(graduation)
        • 1973-78 Budapest University of Technology (BME) / Transportation engineer  licensed mechanical engineer
        • 1982 Hungarian Radio - Microphone license
        • 1987-90 ELTE Faculty of Law - patent agent (vocational training for engineers)  
        • 2001- MBA /english/ (unfinished studies)
        • 2012 Executive Coach and Mentor Academy


        • hungarian -native language
        • german - conversational level
        • english - negotiation level

        ABOUT ME

        My first determining art experience was my drawing teacher, René Benkő in the primary school. He was my patron who cared for me, gave me lessons after school and helped me to develop my abilities. One of my beloved memories is when he told me to buy a kitchen stool and his instruction was to draw it from each direction until the pencil runs out of my hand. So this was the beginning. Afterwards I continued drawing in Highschool.

        Heading towards enginering I started the Budapest University of Technologies (BME), Faculty of Transportation. After finishing the University I got married. I worked for the Company of Transportation in Budapest. A couple of years later I took part in the foundation of Fővinform (Traffic Information of the Capital)whereas I'm the deputy executive at the moment. My name should sound familiar to some people because of my frequent presence in the Hungarian National Tv Chanel or the Radio. Those days one could hold a microfone if he or she was awarded to be eligible by the Commitee of Hungarian Language. I am one of those luckiest people who was tought by Professor Fisher.

        Later on I took part in the foundation of Compexpo, whereas we organized fairs and exhibitions using my patent. I had the possibility to play a part in the preparation of the Budapest-Vienna World Exhibition which failed after the political changes in Hungary. In between my daughter was born.

        Afterwards I founded Serwise Studio, my own advertising graphical company. At the begining we struggled through the manual part of the work. Nowdays we are able to solve any wish of our costumers concerning of the progress of computer softwares.

        Last year I made an effort to collect the visual designers in a trade association in Hungary with the aim to publish a book and to build up an organization which helps them to show their artistic side. Serwise Art was founded to help these art workers to cross the border of the conventional Fine Art categories, which do not count their pictures to contempory art. We aimed to establish a Web Shop where these art works could have been sold. Our aim unfortunately has failed.


        Self-expression is a universal desire. There are those for whom it’s part of everyday life and there are those who achieve self-expression via the works of others. Art is an ancient medium which bridges different cultures, peoples and ages. After trying out several artistic techniques and methods, I discovered giclée, which is the most suitable for me.  To my great surprise, it gives a great deal of joy, thought and relaxation, not just to me, but to those who view my works.

        Despite this, I often have to overcome the difficulties thrown up by such a novel technique.  Giclée has just begun to find its place among the established artistic categories in the last decade. The artistic composition achieves its final form exclusively with the aid of a computer, even if one or other elements of the composition are created by classical means such as painting and drawing or by using photography or other sources. The final product, as seen in a gallery or at home, is prepared with the help of a special printer and –in my case- on special canvas.

        It is a challenge to get this new branch of art accepted by the majority for what it is. My pictures provoke mainly positive feelings and are eye-catching.  Perhaps my finished, often exhausting and ground-breaking work goes some way towards getting the new technique accepted. From my friends and those who admire my work I get both self confidence and the reassurance that I’m on the right track.  My pictures aren’t just concerned with my self-expression, but are meant to catalyse a reaction in the inner world of others.