Self-expression is a universal desire. There are those for whom it’s part of everyday life and there are those who achieve self-expression via the works of others. Art is an ancient medium which bridges different cultures, peoples and ages. After trying out several artistic techniques and methods, I discovered giclée, which is the most suitable for me.  To my great surprise, it gives a great deal of joy, thought and relaxation, not just to me, but to those who view my works.

Despite this, I often have to overcome the difficulties thrown up by such a novel technique.  Giclée has just begun to find its place among the established artistic categories in the last decade. The artistic composition achieves its final form exclusively with the aid of a computer, even if one or other elements of the composition are created by classical means such as painting and drawing or by using photography or other sources. The final product, as seen in a gallery or at home, is prepared with the help of a special printer and –in my case- on special canvas.

It is a challenge to get this new branch of art accepted by the majority for what it is. My pictures provoke mainly positive feelings and are eye-catching.  Perhaps my finished, often exhausting and ground-breaking work goes some way towards getting the new technique accepted. From my friends and those who admire my work I get both self confidence and the reassurance that I’m on the right track.  My pictures aren’t just concerned with my self-expression, but are meant to catalyse a reaction in the inner world of others.