My first determining art experience was my drawing teacher, René Benkő in the primary school. He was my patron who cared for me, gave me lessons after school and helped me to develop my abilities. One of my beloved memories is when he told me to buy a kitchen stool and his instruction was to draw it from each direction until the pencil runs out of my hand. So this was the beginning. Afterwards I continued drawing in Highschool.

Heading towards enginering I started the Budapest University of Technologies (BME), Faculty of Transportation. After finishing the University I got married. I worked for the Company of Transportation in Budapest. A couple of years later I took part in the foundation of Fővinform (Traffic Information of the Capital)whereas I'm the deputy executive at the moment. My name should sound familiar to some people because of my frequent presence in the Hungarian National Tv Chanel or the Radio. Those days one could hold a microfone if he or she was awarded to be eligible by the Commitee of Hungarian Language. I am one of those luckiest people who was tought by Professor Fisher.

Later on I took part in the foundation of Compexpo, whereas we organized fairs and exhibitions using my patent. I had the possibility to play a part in the preparation of the Budapest-Vienna World Exhibition which failed after the political changes in Hungary. In between my daughter was born.

Afterwards I founded Serwise Studio, my own advertising graphical company. At the begining we struggled through the manual part of the work. Nowdays we are able to solve any wish of our costumers concerning of the progress of computer softwares.

Last year I made an effort to collect the visual designers in a trade association in Hungary with the aim to publish a book and to build up an organization which helps them to show their artistic side. Serwise Art was founded to help these art workers to cross the border of the conventional Fine Art categories, which do not count their pictures to contempory art. We aimed to establish a Web Shop where these art works could have been sold. Our aim unfortunately has failed.